You’re the Problem

You aren’t meeting success in your business, even though you swear you’re working, hard, and doing everything your mentor is telling you to do but still nothing… You’re angry, frustrated, asking why in the ****** am I doing this, and you’re so much more than ready to give up.

So what’s the problem?! And how do you fix it?

Here’s some tough love– You’re the Problem

It’s not your company, not your product, not the business model, not the payout percentage. It’s you. Before you jump off the deep end here and start hating on me, let me explain myself, give you a few examples, and show how you can stop being the problem and change your business.


1. You aren’t actually working

Though you swear you are working, you probably aren’t. You are not dedicating time to your business, to your sales, to your parties, to you success.

Instead of focusing on work during work time you are doing the laundry, the dishes, complaining about how nothing is happening in your business, griping with friends in the business about someone else who you just know is cheating her way to the top… You are posting on social media but not the right stuff, you are selling some but not with passion and excitement. And let’s both be honest here, you are not doing everything your mentor/upline has told you to do, I know this is true. If she has told you to call every past hostess you’ve ever had and you only called 10, you didn’t do what she said. If she has told you a better way to do social media and you aren’t applying her concepts, then you didn’t do what she she said.

Here’s how you fix it:
GET EXCITED! Seriously, be excited about your business! I don’t care what it is that you do, get excited about it and let that come through every post, every party, and in everything you do!
Then, get to work. Stop wasting time on social media, get in, post, comment on a few posts, check in with some hostesses, with some teammates, with some potentials and get out! Don’t waste precious time. Focus on the IPA’s and watch your business change.

Third- just do what your mentor says, even if you don’t want too. Now, hear me here, if she tells you to go commit murder in daylight hours you can say no to that. But if she is invested in you and your success and she is working with you to help you meet that success then you better start listening with both ears and then get busy doing exactly what she says! She is not there to steer you wrong, she has done what she is telling you to do and has met her success, if you want that success you need to get to work and do everything she says to.the.letter. 


2. You are not addressing your excuses

Sister, you have more excuses than there are days of the week. “I can’t my kids have practice.” “I can’t because I don’t believe I will be a success.” “I can’t because I will never be a good as her.” “I can’t because I stubbed my big toe two weeks ago and my goldfish’s great-grandma fish has the flu.”
See how ridiculous those excuses can be? Time to address them and then get rid of them. And the time is right now.
Your kids have practice- take your product, catalogs, and phone with you, work from the stands

You don’t believe in yourself– read and apply #5

You can’t because you aren’t as good as her— ok, stop that right now, you aren’t her, she isn’t you, she will never be as good as you. Enough of that.

Your kids are sick- here’s the wonderful thing, you own your own business and direct sales can be worked right from your phone, so while the kid is sleeping off the sickness on you, put in some work time.

Here’s how you fix it: Excuses are a dime a dozen, we all have them, the ones who get to the top are the ones who address and beat their excuses. You aren’t where you wanna be because you’re letting your excuses rule the day, rule you, rule your business. Get rid of them and watch your business change.



3. You are letting jealousy rule you

All you’re doing is watching what others are doing and turning greener and greener and greener… it’s not a pretty color for you girl, you’re gonna have to stop that. Especially if you want to go up in your business. Jealously is normal, frankly it’s natural when you’re in a direct sales business, so let me help you overcome this so that you can grow!
Here’s how to fix it: Remove them from your social media. I am serious, unfriend them today. You don’t need to be watching what they’re doing because the only thing you will do is compare yourself to them. Here’s the thing– all you see on social media are the best parts of life, they don’t tell you about the parties that suck, the sales that don’t happen, the down-right mean customers, and the consultants who just up and quit. You don’t know what’s going on over there… She is struggling just like you are, trust me here, you just cannot see it.
Don’t stress over upset feelings, she probably won’t even notice that you unfriend her. And if you are worried there’s a handy little “unfollow” button, use it.
Second, remember where focus goes energy flows. Cliche, I know, but oh so accurate. If all you’re focusing on is her success over yours all you will keep seeing is green. Instead focus on you, your business, your skills, your personal growth. Put that energy and effort into that YOU need to be doing and it will make a difference.


4. You let every bump throw you off track

I get it, life happens, bumps happen, obstacles pop up at the worst of times, and it feels like all the time bumps are happening to you. Every time you turn around there’s a new disaster. Welcome to life. Those things happen to all of us, even to those whose life on social media seems perfect (see #3), it happens. The difference between you and the person who is at the top of your company is that she didn’t let the bumps in the road throw her off track. She stayed in the fight, she worked every day no matter what happened, she did not allow herself to be distracted. You are distracted right now.

Here’s how to fix it: Designate set work hours and work regardless of what happens in life. When you have a surprise bill say “YAY, an opportunity to work harder in my business and make more money!” Stop being paralyzed because life happens. Stop being distracted, seriously, just stop. I know it’s easier for me to say than for you to do but honestly, that is the only way to fix this one, you just have to stop being distracted by life’s bumps!


5. You have no belief in yourself

You don’t believe in you. This is likely the biggest thing holding you back from success. Though you try to believe, deep down, in your heart, you know that you really don’t. You can say all day long “I am good at this.” but you know that’s not the truth. Your subconscious, and sometimes even your conscious mind knows better, knows that you are lying to yourself every time you say that. And until you address that lack of belief you will stay stuck, you will watch other people get the very blessings you’ve been praying for

[I say this with 100% authority because this was my problem. I was working, I was committed, I had ditched my excuses but still, no success. It was absolutely my lack of belief that did me in. And once I addressed this my business changed, overnight, well in like 60 days]

Here’s how you fix it: First- you actually admit that this is the truth. This is the hardest part, it requires 100% honesty on your part in admitting that “No, I don’t actually believe in myself and believe that I deserve success in this business.” Clear the air of the elephant in the room, you’ll feel better when you do.

Then, focus on what you are good at, and only that– if you’re a great sales person focus on upping those sales, if you’re great at sponsorship focus on growing your downline, if you’re great at mentorship focus on mentoring your current team and others who aren’t even on your team along the way, if you’re a great teacher focus on teaching others about your product. Spend the majority of your time on this section, I mean it, this will build your confidence, this will show you that indeed, you ARE good at this business. Grow yourself in the area you’re already good at, really dig in here.
Seems counter-intuitive to all the other advice out there but let’s be honest, you’ve done everything everyone else has said to do and it isn’t working– why don’t you give this a try? Focusing on the areas where you have lack only leads to more lack and more stress, and more self-doubt because you just aren’t as strong there, why not put your time into something you’re good at and see incredible success? Especially while you’re working to grow your belief.
Success in this/these area(s) of expertise will build your self-confidence and self-image and will lead to success in other areas naturally. Trust me, it will.

After you’ve grown your self-confidence and belief in your success area(s) you will see that spill right over into the other areas you aren’t the best at and those skills will start to grow.


So now that I’ve hurt your feelings let me get real with you. You may be the problem BUT the best news you’ll hear today is that because you are the problem you are also the SOLUTION. You have the power right now to end the problem, to solve the problem, to change your entire business and life. These are only four of the many things that could be holding you back, if these aren’t yours I suggest you take a long, hard look at yourself, figure out what is standing in your way and then decide right now that you will overcome yourself, you will stop standing in your own way to success. And then go out there, work like you want it, and meet the success you want most in life!
You can do it.

I believe in you.

And honestly- if I can overcome myself and my own limiting beliefs, I have no doubt you’re destined for greatness, now go for it! When you look at someone else who is where you want to be use that line “If she can, I can” because it’s true. You absolutely can.



Apply these concepts for 30 days and then come back and let me know about your success! I am excited to hear your stories! I know things are tough right now, and I know that I probably made you mad with this, but the truth hurts sometimes. It hurt when someone called me out on my nonsense and crap (cause that’s exactly what it was, crap). But less than 90 days after that hurtful time my life has taken a 180, so feel the hurt, let it hurt, and then decide to do something about it. Change your life, address yourself as the problem, and you will see big changes

I love you and want BIG success for you! <3