You Are Powerful!


You have the power of VISION!
You can see where you’re going and what I will take to get there!

You have the power of FOCUS! 
Keep your mind on what you want, not what you don’t want!

You have the power of BELIEF! 
You can change what you’ve believed for years and make new beliefs.

You have the power of CHOICE! 
You get to decide when, where, how, and what you want in and from your life.

You have the power of WORDS! 
You get to pick the words you say to yourself and use them powerfully to change everything every day.

You have the power of MINDSET!
Create and cultivate a growth mindset and find opportunities in everything.

You are powerful, more powerful than you know or even believe.
Your task is to take all of the power you have within you and use it to change your life.

And you will notice- ALL of this power is within you, it has nothing to do with or be held over another person. Remember that. This is all about you.

How will you use this power today and every day to change your life and your story?
Who will you share this with to remind them of their power?