Work from home



This is my reality.

I really do work from home. And usually its right in the recliner with dogs on either side.

From there I host incredible Facebook parties (yes, we really can sell right in Facebook!), recruit new teammates, chat with new teammates, teach and train my current team, and actually, seriously, for real, MAKE MONEY!


For many years I have dreamed of working from home but I never actually thought it would happen, just one of those “I wish it would” kinda things that you know isn’t happening. BUT, man it has happened!! Really and truly happened, TO ME!!!


Y’all, it if can happen to me, it can happen to you!

So how’d I do it? I worked. Seriously every day I got up and worked. I sold jewelry, a lot of jewelry, booked a lot of parties, shared, shared, shared the love my Paparazzi with everyone who would listen! And I am still doing it!!!

And I won’t quit.


Come on now, join me! You’re gonna love it!