Why Paparazzi works for me when 6 other companies didn’t

So, I am what you would call a recovering Direct Sales Junkie. You know the type, the one who has hopped around a lot of of companies, tried em all, KNOWS that Direct Sales is the ticket to the life she's always dreamed of but just cannot seem to find success in a business...........
Yea, that was me.
Paparazzi is my 7th, yes SEVENTH, Direct Sales company.
We don't wanna talk about how much money I've spent on other companies only to get frustrated, stuck, annoyed, and wind up in debt with products that don't work or a business model that didn't work, or worse than that, a high pressure recruitment system that doesn't work for me. Or my least favorite, be in a business that asks me to change myself totally into an automaton who does things "by the book" but hates every minute of it because it is completely NOT me and not the way I live my life or do business.
Yep. I have been.there.

So of course, when I saw Paparazzi Accessories I was skeptical, and when in 6 months I was able to leave my full time job I was STILL skeptical. Three and a half years and five promotions later the skepticism is gone, way gone.

Wanna know why Paparazzi works for people like me who know Direct Sales is awesome but haven't found "the one?" Read on my skeptical friend!


First-- it is affordable.

You know the price, it $5. Everyone can afford $5, and most everyone can afford several pieces. Price matters, big time. I am from a part of the country where the socioeconomic level varies but is mostly on the middle to low end, that's my core market, and I needed something that everyone, including that core market could afford easily without guilt or making a choice between food and supporting me. Paparazzi was my natural choice.


Second-- the sales model is SIMPLE.

I mean simple, plain and simple. Buy inventory like a regular store at a discount whole sale price, sell it at retail mark up, profit the middle. That's what every single retail store in the world does! And that's what I do!

Buy inventory. Sell inventory. Pocket the profit. Re-order more inventory. Rinse and repeat.
And! No crazy math is involved to figure out how much we make per sale. And! No crazy science to memorize with ingredient lists, no worrying about allergies or reactions! No sales pitches to learn. None of that.
It's simple, $5 jewelry. Enjoy!


Third-- NO hard recruitment

Paparazzi frowns upon hard recruitment techniques, they simply aren't necessary. I don't have to talk anyone into this business, I don't have to spend hours chasing them and convincing them this is the business for them. I just don't. I don't have to be that annoying recruiter who is always in your Facebook inbox asking you when are you going to join my team?! I don't have to be that way.

All I do is work my business, selling my jewelry, enjoying my life, sharing what I love and why I love and people want to know more, want to become a part of this, some decide immediately to join, others take a little more time, and that's ok. Paparazzi doesn't want any of us to harass our prospects (and you KNOW you've been a part of a business that wants you to use methods like that) they want us to share and invite people.


Fourth-- no competition among consultants

Paparazzi is competition FREE.  The way our inventory works there is no opportunity to compete. You see, we get new inventory every Monday to Friday evenings, between 20-100 pieces are new every day and every consultant has the opportunity to order as much or as little as she wants as often as she wants. I don't order every day, nearly no one does, and what I do order today WILL sell out by tomorrow. We move that much inventory. The consultant who lives beside me or in the same town as me will not be ordering on the same days I am ordering and if she does, she will be ordering completely different pieces that me, almost NONE of our pieces will be the same. So, no competition.
You know, when you sell from a catalog you are limited to those products, and no more, that's the usual way Direct Sales work-- but not in Paparazzi.

We don't fight over customers, we don't worry if one of ours shops with another, and in fact, I often send my customers who are looking for certain pieces to someone on my team who I know will have what she wants!
It's a strange concept for most people but it totally works for us in Paparazzi!


Fifth-- no extra expenses

We have no catalogs, no required displays, no required credit card reader, and no website fee.
You won't spend money on paper that will just be thrown away! You can build whatever displays you want, or no displays, they aren't required. You can use what you already have at home to show off your jewelry. You can pick whatever credit card reader you want to use, you can shop around! And our website is FREE! I've paid a lot of money for websites before, that's crazy talk!

Sixth-- Freedom!
Paparazzi gives us so much freedom to be ourselves, to run our businesses our way. I run my business different from my sponsor and her sponsor, and I encourage my team to find their own groove and stick with it! You are free to choose when, where, and how you sell, you can pick the best price card reader company for you, you can use coupons to get great displays on sale, you can be YOU! You can do things YOUR way! Yes, your sponsor will offer you advice and suggestions and for a while you should strive to emulate her because hopefully she is setting a great example for you, but when you're ready, you can find your wings and soar!

So- you've learned all of this- what's holding you back from taking your leap and joining Paparazzi?!


What other questions do you have about Paparazzi that I didn't answer? What other things do you need to know?
How about choosing me as your sponsor- it would be a lot of fun to work with you and help you find your success!