You guys!
We did it!
We REALLY did it!!!!

We BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! Seriously, we bought a house!! It’s still VERY surreal, I mean we bought a house!! It’s just amazing to think that we bought a freakin’ HOUSE! I’m serious, it hasn’t sank in yet!

But let me give you a tour because you’re gonna love it as much as I do!

Here’s the front! It’s a cute YELLOW (my favorite color!!!!!) three bedroom, two bath flip– flips are VERY popular here! This is a woodframe built in the early 90’s that was a 2/2 with a one car garage that the amazing contractor gutted and flipped to be a 3/2 and the former-garage-now-bedroom is HUGE!!!! I have a picture of it for later!
1300ish square feet (Y’all know I have no idea about square-footage, right? It’s just numbers to me)


Let’s look at the inside!

How about a living room with beautiful real stone tile AND a fireplace?!?! How’s that for killer???
It’s a real, working, true brick fireplace! Plus, I can’t get over how large the room is and how open it feels to have the dining room right there.
ps- this is the view from the front door!

And that kitchen!!! Are you ready for a close up?!


It is galley style but has the PERFECT triangle (the connection sink to stove to refrigerator, the top the things you use all the time in any kitchen) and it more than big enough for three people to be in their working at any given time.
Do you see those *stainless steel* appliances?! All brand new, still under warranty, and they all match! (trust me, it matters!)

Brand new hardwood, soft close cabinetry and real (OMG!) granite counters!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so excited to cook in this master piece!


That granite is continued throughout the rest of the house too!

Guest bath! Thats real stone tile in the shower, a deep well sink for the vanity and the same granite on the counters!!


The master bath has a glass enclosed shower, real stone tile, and REAL STONE on the floor of the shower plus the same deep well sink, soft close vanity, and granite!!!

I’m telling you, this guy did an INCREDIBLE job flipping this house! And he was so smart- I just love how everything is the same throughout, same colors, stones, metals, fixtures! It makes my little OCD heart happier than I can explain to you!

I promised you a picture of the former garage turned bedroom that is now my office! It’s hard to see from this angle but this is the largest bedroom in the house! We picked it for the office because we will share it, I have SO MUCH stuff for work, and it is the farthest away from the bathroom and we don’t want guests to have to tromp across the living room to use the facilities…. you know 😉


I also have a huge laundry room with amazing storage and a back yard that my dogs are just loving!!

We moved in on Friday evening thanks to the help of some amazing friends! So you KNOW more pictures are coming 😉 😉 Keep an eye out in the coming days for more updates!