Wednesday with the Wise’s March 20, 2019

Remember when I said some week’s might be boring… this may just be one of those! But boring isn’t all bad, boring for us means the status quo, that things are even, that we are doing just fine! Both Solomon and tend to love boring 😉 A LOT!

Especially after all the drama of Facebook last week!

This week’s newsletter won’t be filled with glamorous  stuff but it is full of gratitude!

What’s Happening with Ericka! 


We’re having so much fun! Solomon is back to Sunday’s with Solomon– you have to tune in to those at 8pm est on Sundays! They are too funny!  We have additional sales on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (and sometimes Fridays)! There are three party dates open in April if you want em! Book now! You can sign up here for a reminder before each live bc I know, life is crazy!

This month if you’re looking to join Paparazzi we do have a sign up special- 5 additional pieces for each new person! Pretty sweet deal 😉 Sign up here!

I have officially re-branded my business mindset coaching group to “The Empowered Entrepreneur” and I specialize in teaching you to lead leaders! A dear friend and mentor once called me “a leaders leader” and that has stuck with me, deep in my heart, and when I was working on this new branding those words played over and over in my head and I knew that was it! I have a Facebook group where I offer free coaching, if you’re a business woman not on my Paparazzi team you are invited to join!

I have a new blog posted! From Fearful to Grateful! 

My book is being edited by a wonderful woman! It’s amazing to think that’s really happening! I don’t know when it will be published but since it took me two years to finish it I am not in that much of a hurry!

What’s happening with Solomon! As written by Solomon!

Last week Solomon traveled to a new location to shoot video for his newest episode of the nature show he hosts on YouTube. He got tons of footage of some incredible animals and he really thinks you’re going to enjoy this episode! You can find the new episode here

Episode 3: Let’s explore! Viera Wetlands/ Moccasin Island Tract

If you missed his first 2 episodes, they can be found here!

Episode 2: Herping with NCSU Herp Club  

Episode 1: Let’s Explore! Bullcreek WMA

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Solomon has also been busy working on new graphics for Ericka, her YouTube channel,  Team WISE, and his YouTube channel. He really enjoys designing these sort of things and is starting to get the hang of using Photoshop.

This weekend Solomon will be participating in a 2 day paintball scenario in Orlando called Asset Containment with his paintball team, the Band of Sluggers. He’s very excited to play and will be sure to get lots of videos and photos to share with you all! Keep an eye out on his YouTube!

He also has a few other things in the works that he’s not quite ready to reveal yet, so stay tuned! One of those includes a website where you will be able to buy all of his beautiful photos! (Ericka is most excited about that because this guy is so talented!) 

What’s Happening with the Dogs!

They are wonderful and wishing the rain would go away 😉 Especially the short ones who’s bellies get wet every time!

Image may contain: dog and indoor

Life in the Wise household is pretty awesome!
We love that we both get to work from home, that our businesses are flourishing, and that we get to do exactly what we were called to do!

And believe us, if we can, anyone can! Go out there and live the life you’re dreaming of!

Much love,
Solomon & Ericka

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