Wednesday with the Wises 4.10.19

Woo! This Wednesday with the Wises actually went out on a Wednesday!

A late Wednesday but a Wednesday nonetheless! Small victories- I take them where I can get them!

And yep, totally skipped last week’s edition! Life happened!
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What’s Happening with Ericka?

Team WISE 
March 2019 was our BEST month ever! The team together had a total of $213,265 in five dollar jewelry!!! How amazing is that?! I was so excited!

We grew by 61 new teammates in one month!!We had EIGHT new ranks!

Paparazzi Sales! 
There is no shortage of fun during our Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Sales!
Or free bling!! This week alone we gave away $50 of free pieces! You WANT to be at our sales! Sign up here for a reminder before each live! 

New Paparazzi Training Videos! 
Four Things from an Elite Paparazzi Accessories Spouse

What’s Happening with Solomon?

I’ve been super busy the past few weeks. I’ve been out filming and taking photos, helping Ericka with Paparazzi events, doing office work, and more! I swear I am more busy than I was when I was working 9-5!

My YouTube is growing and it’s all thanks to you! Thank you for subscribing! If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do!

I’ve released another Nature Episode! Watch it here!

I have also recently started an educational series of quick Species Profiles so you can learn some interesting facts about different animals. These are short, 1-5 minute videos all about one animal at a time and will feature footage and photos I have taken!

My first one is about Gopher Tortoises!
Watch it here!

I even created my own video for Ericka’s YouTube Channel! Watch it here!

Lastly, I’ve been taking photos of lots of wildlife and landscape shots and have uploaded them to my store where you can buy prints of my work! 

Shop Here! 

What’s Happening with the Animals?

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These dogs are spoiled rotten and we love it!
Krystal had her first ever grooming appointment and loved it! The groomer said she received many many many random sloppy kisses on the face!

We have a new pet! Xena the Ball Python.
She came to us by happenstance, a local friend called Solomon the Snake Whisper to tell him there was a “boa constrictor” in their neighborhood. He went, found, and brought home a sick but large ball python.

No photo description available.

You can watch her entire story in Solomon’s Videos and he plans to make several more on her progress throughout the next several weeks.

Week 1 Video
Week 2 Video