Wednesday with the Wise’s 3.13.18

I know, it’s not Wednesday 😉
But, as we say, better late than never! And especially this week with all the Facebook and social media struggles this nearly didn’t happen!

The intent of this newsletter is to share what’s happening in our life! Some weeks will be exciting, some will be very boring 😉 That’s life through! We all go through ups and downs and crazy and slow times!
We hope you enjoy these updates and even begin to look forward to them! Who knows what we will get to share with you each week!

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Let’s dive in!

What’s Happening with Ericka

It’s not fun but Ericka has been temporarily locked out of her Facebook- that’s why you can’t see anything she’s done in the last 12 years since she joined. After the whole Facebook disappearance on Wednesday her security check didn’t go through properly and now we wait, expecting Facebook to reinstate her fully at any time!

  • In Paparazzi things are super fun!
    Team WISE is doing great stuff, people are growing and having so much fun in their businesses!
    Come and join our team! We love what we do and really love getting to do it with our favorite people!
  • Sales are a little different right now, and not by choice! There is a new sales website for you to use while we wait on Facebook! Shop here! More pieces are added every day and it seems very easy to use on the customer side! Please go ahead and shop the pieces, as always, shop first and fast because there is a limited amount of each!
  • New Instagram Account! And it’s been so fun to share all of her Paparazzi stories and wisdom there! Follow here! 
  • Youtube is moving right along too! This week Ericka has uploaded two new videos that you will love as a Paparazzi Consultant! Please watch and comment on the videos!
    1) How to Rank to Director in Paparazzi
    2) What Does Back Office Stalking Mean? 

Coming Soon from Ericka! 
More pieces on the sales site!
More Paparazzi Training videos!
Maybe even a NEW YouTube for all of the mindset, motivation, and spiritual things I love to share!

AND! Facebook will fully reinstate her account and all the fun Facebook Live videos will come back!

What’s Happening with Solomon?

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Solomon has uploaded his first TWO nature videos to YouTube! And they are great! Watch them here and subscribe to his channel so that you get notified every time he uploads new ones!
1. Exploring Bull Creek WMA
2. Herping Trip with the NCSU Herp Club

He is also creating all the graphics and videos for Ericka’s YouTube!

Sunday’s With Solomon Live Sales are back in full force and are so much fun! This Sunday, if Ericka’s Facebook is not yet unlocked, we will be live on Solomon’s page. Look for us and come shop and share! We appreciate your support in a big way!

Coming Soon for Solomon!
A website to sell his photos!
More YouTube Videos!
And maybe even a blog of his own to share his adventures!

What’s Happening with the Dogs?

They’re having as much fun as always! They love having both of their humans at home and go back and forth between each office all day every day, it seems to depend on who is the least boring at the time 😉
Krystal has fit into the pack like she always belonged there and the boys love her so much! They are beginning to play together and have a blast running through the house with toys and stuffing trailing them, and sunning themselves outside five or six times per day, every day!

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Thank you for reading this!

I am so very excited to get to share our lives with you each week, give you some updates, some sneak peaks, and even some inside information as it comes! You’re welcome to share this with your friends and family, we welcome everyone to get to know us and our family better!

We love you, more than we can explain, and hope you have an amazing day!