We Went to California!

We Went to California!


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Paparazzi Accessories paid for me and Solomon to go to Palm Springs, California last week and it was magical! We stayed at the gorgeous J.W. Marriot Resort, were surrounded by the best of the best in our business, got one on one time with the founders of our company, and were treated like royalty!

We earned this trip by being in the top .01% of Paparazzi at the Elite rank of Fashionista! There were less than 200 people in all of Paparazzi Accessories invited to attend the 2019 Leadership Summit!

(I am still amazed that this is my life!)

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Day 1 consisted of a harrowing, but thankfully all expenses paid flight into Palm Springs airport. Notoriously windy, PSP lived up to its name for our American Airlines flight that needed a total of three attempts to land safely! A big thank you to our wonderful pilots who did such a good job getting us on the ground safely in those scary conditions. We decided that the next trip we talk to Palm Springs will involve flying into Ontario, CA, and driving the one hour to Palm Springs. Our nerves can’t take it!


We had a wonderful dinner that night with all of our friends and made some great new ones! It was just amazing to catch up with people I talk to every day online but had never met in person! Everyone was as excited as we were to be there, to learn, and grow together. Plus Paparazzi spoiled us big time with excellent and practical gifts! A fan favorite was the luxurious minky robe complete with our exclusive Elite logo!

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Day 2 was full of training, high-level, Elite-level training, reminding us that we are the leaders of the company, we are the ones people want to meet and then one day to be, and that we set the standard for Paparazzi! It was so empowering! Plus more fantastic food!! All we could eat and more!

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Day 3 was all about feeling like a queen! Paparazzi treated us to professional makeovers and photo shoots! Since our face is our brand they know how important it is to have incredible photos and spared no expense! Many present had never had professional makeup or a photoshoot! It was so great to watch them experience it for the first time and see that they are amazing and valuable and worth being spoiled!

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Day 3 also had plenty of down time so that we could be one on one or in small groups with our Founders and Elite Services Staff members Summer and Vanessa! It was time to get our questions answered, hear from the men and women who began it all, and learn some about their vision and plans for the future!


Day 4 we were back in the classroom, but this time it was US talking and sharing our ideas, tips, and tricks with one another! Talk about a lot of brilliant people in one room!
And this is one of my favorite parts of Paparazzi, nothing is secret, nothing is sacred, nothing is hidden. We all share ideas freely!

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We also had a paint night! Complete with a sassy, super fun instructor who made it so easy to create a master piece! I’ve always wanted to do one of these classes and Paparazzi made it happen!

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Day 5 was full of hard farewells. These women and men are my dearest friends and biggest supporters. Learning and growing with them was a pleasure and an honor, one I simply cannot put into words.

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Every person who attended Leadership Summit was made to feel special and important, me included, because we are. We are valued and cared for by the people who make up our wonderful company and we know that they always have our backs and are doing the best for us every day!

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We were reminded and I want to remind you- you are powerful when you work in your purpose.

My purpose is to empower and inspire women to be their best selves and to change the world. When I remember that I show up different, I work different, I believe different, I am different.


I encourage you if you’re already a Paparazzi Accessories Consultant give it all you’ve got. Work harder than you think you can, believe bigger than you currently are, and make it a personal goal to go to Leadership Summit 2020, it’s a breath of fresh air and a support system like none other!

If you aren’t yet a Paparazzi Accessories Consultant today is your day to take your first step and join, and then work, grow, learn, and get yourself to Leadership Summit 2020- it can be done in less than a year, several have already proven that’s possible, and it is possible for you!