Your Wait is Not Always About You

You’re ready.
You’ve grown, worked, changed, prepared, organized, and have all of your ducks in a row, but the success is just not coming, the people aren’t lining up to do business with you…

Is something wrong with you? Do you have more work to do? Is there something you missed or overlooked?
Perhaps, there’s always personal work to be done, but think of this in a new way– you might be waiting on someone else.

We know God works in the hearts and lives of people, he works and speaks to us through the Spirit every day, and does the same in others. What if, while you’re waiting, he’s preparing the hearts of those who will hear your message to make them soft and ready to hear and accept what you have to say? What if he is preparing the finances of the people who will buy your product to give them the extra money they need to afford it? What if he is changing the mindset of those who will join you in your business or company to set them free from their chains of disbelief so that when they jump in they are ready to begin work immediately? What if he is trying to mold and change the heart of the one who is giving you a hard time but they aren’t listening so you still have to endure the struggle?

What if a million different scenarios.

Your wait is not always about you.

You have prayed. You have believed. You are still believing. You have asked God to remove the people who bug you, to give you “ready right now” teammates to do business with, to give you huge numbers of new customers for your product or service, or any other prayer, but nothing is happening right this minute.
Control your emotions and cool it! Do not fall into the trap that God’s waiting time means something is wrong with you, do not believe the lies of the enemy who tells you a wait means a no, just don’t.
Take a step back, give God his time to work. He’s already done the work on you and you are ready  for what’s next, but not everyone listens as well as you do, or is as willing to do the hard work you’ve done, or is simply in the right place at the right time– so God is still working on and with them to grow for you the right clients, customers, consultants, and all of the other things you’ve asked for.

Simply put,  be patient, learn to wait well, put your focus on doing the work you’ve been assigned at your best level and let God do his. You can “help” God and rush the process, certainly, that is allowed under free will but you will have consequences for your actions- you can sign up all the new teammates in the world, but they won’t be ready to work, they won’t believe in themselves enough to overcome their own excuses and get to growing. You can chase down every new customer ever and you will get some, but they won’t be long term customers, they won’t be great testimony customers, and they probably won’t refer their friends and family to you.
Is that what you want?
Or do you want prepared people?
You do have a choice here, which one would you like to make?

Final note; pray for the people who are coming your way while you wait. Pray that their growth is easy, that they are open to hearing the voice of God through the Spirit, that they are willing to do the work they need to do, and that they have great success. Pray for them like you would want someone to pray for you.



This is a new way to think, I know, but it’s also a POWERFUL way to think. Knowing that all the time God is working for you, and not always on you- this allows you incredible freedom from the guilt that the enemy can bring and gives you back control over your emotions when you just remember that sometimes what you’re waiting for is another person’s heart and life to change to fit what you’ve prayed for.

Keep on praying, keep on working God is working!