Vulnerability Series Started

I posted this in a group I have to help women grow themselves and their business and I feel pushed today to share it with you!
If you’re not in that group I encourage you to join it, I am going to spend some considerable time talking about vulnerability, what it really means, what it doesn’t mean, and how to use it to grow and change and develop better relationships.


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“I’m worried friends, in my feelings today, and I’m gonna be honest about it.
I hope it helps someone ❤️

I launched these two amazing intensives for Sept and only have one sign up 😭
Thank you to the one, you’re amazing and I love you!

But I’m sitting here wondering
Are my things not good enough?
Do people not trust me?
Do they not want to learn from me?
Am I not good enough for them?
Am I not good enough to do this?
Should I just give up?

Who’s been there? Who’s said and felt these exact things? Who just knew you sucked bc no one signed up or shopped with you the first day you did something?

Let’s have a real conversation about this- it’s time ❤️”


We’re going to have some raw, real, and deep conversations on this subject. Join us, lets have a chat about the tough stuff!

ps- you can invite your friends/teammates to join us, all in Direct Sales and business are welcome to learn and grow together