Train with the Best

To be the best one must train with the best. Any athlete, especially those who have lots of gold medals hanging around there necks, will tell you that’s a no brainer! If you wanna go up you gotta train harder, better, and with better people!

Well folks, it’s MY time now! My time to be trained by the best in the biz and I can’t wait.

This week I got the most exciting email of my life! Our Founder Trent Kirby invited me to an exclusive, intense 12-week program to be trained by him and others of our corporate staff. I shouted. I mean, did you expect anything less, of course I shouted!

I’ve been in Paparazzi for almost three years, November will be my three-year papa-versary, and in that time I’ve learned and grown and created a new version of me, and now I am ready, ready for this training, ready for this growth and ready to reach Elite in Paparazzi.

It’s my time.

The athlete in me is literally shaking in anticipation of September 1 to get started with this program! It’s going to be tough, going to stretch me, going to push me– but that’s what a good coach does after all. And a good athlete listens to her coach.


Shew, y’all. I can’t wait.

And you know I’m going to share everything I learn with my wonderful team to see them learn and grow and become great leaders in their own right. Do you want to learn from the best? Come on now, get in on this. Join my team and start out with the BEST training you can get!