Throwback Thursday: 3 Months of Retirement

I haven’t gotten one of these texts in three months.
They used to come every day from my husband who worked in the Florida heat outside, on roofs, in attics, under houses removing unwanted animals from homes and businesses.
Three months since I was able to retire my husband from his full-time job.
Three months since he had to get up at 5:30am
Three months since he has come home with heat exhaustion
Three months since we fought simply because he was exhausted.
Three months since we made a choice to go all in!

This has radically changed our lives.
We went from struggling newly weds when I started 6 months after we got married to BOTH working it full time.
We went from barely paying our bills to having them all paid for by Paparazzi sales.
We went from only having hard times to living and enjoying our life!

Yes, $5 jewelry sells!
Yes, you can have amazing success here!
Yes, you can change your life here!
Yes, you can have all of your dreams come true!
and YES- you deserve this happiness and so much more!

Whatever you want you can have in Paparazzi, start today and begin to live the life you want. It will be my honor to teach you all that I know and watch you soar!