The Power of Rest

To rest, relax, recharge, and even take time off as an entrepreneur feels counter-intuitive. Or it can feel stressful. Or even completely stupid.


I get it.



If you don’t work constantly how will your business grow and flourish, especially in its early stages?

How will you be a success if you aren’t constantly (over)working?

How will things fall into place for you if you aren’t the one out there making them happen?



We all believe, either consciously or subconsciously that businesses are like children and require constant supervision, care, and upkeep; especially in those tiresome infancy days. We’ve been conditioned to believe through the stories and beliefs of our parents and those who’ve gone before that the only way to be a success is to work hard. And while a measure of that is true, it’s not the complete truth. Think of the wealthiest people- those who come to mind also travel, also vacation in exotic places, also attend fun functions and events, and also simply take days off. They make time in their schedules for leisure. Consider that the myth of hard work = success is just that, a myth. That it, in reality is a good mixture of work and rest that makes for the best kind of success, the kind that you can have and enjoy. After all, what is the good in having it all if you’re too tired to even enjoy it? Live your life now, by doing what you enjoy while you rest!




Business burn out is real.


Yes, you need to work your business, need to be faithful in your tasks, and consistent in doing the things that will make you a success. But you also need your sleep, you need to eat well, need to move more, to put down the phone for a few hours of play time outside, and even need to take that vacation you’ve been putting off. You don’t accomplish much real work, and certainly not any good work, when all you’re focused on is fear, worry, doubt, and the struggle. And when your work isn’t good your finances suffer. If you want more money make time to rest and recharge so that when you do come back to work you create wonderful things, not required things.




The quality of your work is directly related to the quality of your life, which is directly related to the quantity of rest you give yourself.


So tell me- how’s your work turning out?
Is it shouting “This girl needs REST!” or is it turning out great and you’re proud of it?