The Mindset of Jesus

Philippians 2:5 says “have the same mind as Christ.”
Now that’s a tall order! How exactly does a person have the same mind as Christ? What does that even look like and how would that work for us?

I encourage you to sit down and think this through for yourself and think through some of the ways you see Jesus’ mindset. These are the things that came to me when I was meditating on this part of the verse:

– Strength.

Jesus endured one of the worst ways to die without a recorded complaint, none one wrote down that Jesus argued with his torturers or begged them to stop. That takes a kind of mental strength that honestly, I do not have at this point in my mindset journey.


– Willingness to ask for help.

Jesus asked his disciples to pray with him in the Garden of Gethsemane, he asked the crowd who had some food while feeding the 5000 with the loaves and fish, he even asked God to take away his task before his crucifixion journey.
I remember myself often, if Jesus can ask for help so can I. I don’t have to do it all myself.


– Forgiving of his friends when they messed up.

Peter made a mess and denied that he even knew Jesus, and we all know about Judas, and there are countless others, but Jesus didn’t hold a grudge he forgave those friends. It takes a strong person to forgive, especially to forgive without being offered an apology (think Judas, he wasn’t around any more to apologize) but Jesus had a forgiveness mindset and gave it freely to his friends, followers, and even you and me.
So who is it that I need to forgive? What former friend do I need to forgive whether or not they “deserve it” or even ask for it?


– Servant-leader.

Jesus acted as a servant to his followers; he washed their feet, broke their bread, and he focused on teaching his followers and others about God.  Jesus came to serve, how is it that I can serve others and change my mindset that I should seek opportunities to serve?


– Love.
Jesus embodied love. We know that, but I think we need to look at love as a mindset. In all that he did Jesus showed and acted in love to everyone who crossed his path. He took the time to stop and heal on the streets, stopped to eat dinner with the outcasts of society, and when he admonished his followers because of their thoughts, feelings, actions, or words it was always from a place of love.
How can I embody the mindset of love like Jesus? What actions can I take to model that in my own life?


These are just five short thoughts on the mindset of Jesus. There are so many more that we didn’t talk about here.

So, what do YOU see as the mindset of Jesus?