Teammate Testimony

Leadership is in my blood. It’s what I love. It’s what I live for, and man do I LOVE it.

And when teammates say things like this about me I just feel so blessed to be chosen as their leader. I mean, honored.

If you want a leader who is in it to win it, who is there for you, who offers you training and programs that would otherwise cost you a lot of money– I’m your girl! Join my team now! 

“What a great feeling to be connected to such a great woman. I’ve never been in a team with such a greater leader. Ericka Champion Wise is such a great motivator. You can’t help but stay on track with her leadership skills. For this reason I’m so proud of her accomplishments tonight.

Leadership classes starts way more than $99.00. Marketing courses cost more than $99.00 How to start a business seminar cost more than $99.00. Ericka consistently pours into her team each week leadership, marketing and business skills. It only cost $99.00 to get this mentoring that can be applied to different areas in your life. The icing on the cake is that you receive $175 worth of jewelry to keep or sell. Imagine a great mentor and bling what more do we need? 😅 Wait the best part about being on this team is that we pray together. Imagine a group that you can contact at any time and they will reach out and pray for and with you……priceless.

Joining Team Wise is a wise decision. So get with the consultant that invited you to this group and chase after this storm. This storm is going to destroy poverty, lack, insufficient funds, failure and all of its companion.

Ericka Champion Wise congratulations on a job well done. Thank you for producing an army of warriors. On to the next level.”

  • Donnah M.