Team Training: How to be a Good Sponsor

Leadership is a weird thing.

Some people are born to be leaders (me) and others learn to be leaders through life, they seem to fall into the role as they grow and aren’t quite sure what to *DO* as a leader. And that never rings more true than when one joins a direct sales company like Paparazzi Accessories and suddenly grows a team because this product is so popular.

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But one can learn to be a leader. And those who are natural leaders can learn to be even BETTER leaders. The secret to leadership in Direct Sales of any kind is duplication, meaning teaching others to do exactly what you do and did to get to where you are. Keeping secrets from teammates is never the way to do. I am a translucent book when it comes to my team, giving them everything I have to make them a success too and I expect them to pass all of that and MORE along to their teams.


This is a training video for my Paparazzi Accessories team, Team WISE, on how to be a good sponsor/leader.