Team Training: Facebook Live Party!

Tell me I am not the only person who LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Facebook Live!
It is just perfect. It’s real, in my opinion, and real is what I like best. A person cannot put a filter on live, she cannot take 12 selfies to get the perfect one, she cannot stop her kids/dogs/parent/spouse/etc from bothering her while she’s live. I am head over heels for LIVE!

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And even better than that, Facebook Live has totally changed my business! Each week I host a LIVE party and I love it! I set up a time to speak with my customers. We get to talk, to chat, to dialogue, in a way that regular Facebook just doesn’t allow. Plus I get to show them the jewelry, how it fits regular bodies, how it moves, hangs, lays, and sparkles live and in person!
These are officially my favorite parties every <3


This is a training video for my Paparazzi Team, TEAM WISE, on how I set up and host my parties! Image result for facebook live