Summer Time Yellow!

It’s Summer!
And It’s SUPER hot in Florida.

Skirts are my go-to choices for this heat and humidity and this satin pleated maxi skirt is top on my list of favorite pieces.
The material is light and flowy, allowing a lot of air to move through and a great deal of movement as I walk— which makes me feel like a princess of course!
I’m wearing it high on my waist to hide any imperfections there and hit the smallest part of me to create that hourglass we all love.

I added a simple black tee on top, I felt that this skirt needed to do all the talking and let it’s pattern show most of all versus adding something else on top that would detract from the pattern and fight with it.  Tucked in at an umpire waist makes me look smaller with an hourglass versus leaving it un-tucked.

You could also tie up the tee for a more modern look.

I decided to go with white over yellow jewelry for this outfit because it felt right today! All Paparazzi of course!
The skirt has a lot of white spaces that I wanted to accent that and focus on what I love to call “Summer White”.
Plus, this middle-length necklace pairs well with a high-waist skirt and helps in hiding any middle of the body imperfections

I added my favorite black wedges and called it done!
This is perfect for the office, a day-time date, or just strolling the mall!
I hope you find something similar to love in your closet and