Strengthen my Hands

A prayer for strength
“They were all trying to frighten us… but I prayed ‘Now strengthen my hands.'” Nehemiah 6:9
Your enemies are all working over time to try and make you afraid; afraid you won’t succeed, afraid you aren’t good enough, afraid that you’re not actually meant for this position, afraid that a new rank and pay increase won’t ever show up for you.
What if you stopped and prayed for strength?
What if you asked God to give you his strength?
He will give it freely, more than you could possibly use!
But know this- you must also work in that strength!
You must do the things you know you need to do to build a business.
You must show up daily.
You must do the work.
God will give you strength, you must supply the work ethic.

God’s strength won’t out power your lack of work ethic.
You want success?
Pray for strength, receive it, then go to work in it!

I believe in you!