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Hi, I am Miss Marilyn, and this is “My Story”
I am a single mom of 2 boys. My oldest Alexander is 20 & far away in the Army. His father passed away when he was one. I raised him alone.

This is my precious baby Maveric, he is 7, he was born 10 weeks early. On August 27 of 2008, the doctors told me he was dead and I would have a c-section in the morning. I stayed up all night and prayed, he is my Miracle. We stayed home for many years. We were both very ill the first 4 years of his life. I was wheelchair bound, and it was all I could do to hold my head up some days. Being brought into the world premature with an extremely ill mother, has its challenges. In 2010, my boys did not have Christmas and we were being evicted. Life was hard, very hard. However, we are on top of the world now! My Paparazzi Business allows me the freedom to be the best Mom possible to him and enjoy his childhood while serving others and having FUN!!!?

Most people know Direct Sales or Network Marketing is an incredible way to earn an income. But, I did not. I hated Direct Sales when I ordered my Starter Kit, I thought it was all a Scam! I was simply looking for wholesale jewelry when I found Paparazzi. I had opened a store in town & it was failing. I had $300 in my bank account and no Hope.

I wanted to kill myself. Everything in my life was in a shambles. I suffered from depression and anxiety. And, I have a Chronic Disease and a mild head injury from a very serious car accident. I believe anything is possible, & I was focused on my Dream. BUT I had lost my Faith.

I found Paparazzi one night and I just had a feeling. I took a Leap Of Faith and ordered a kit with literally every dime and penny I had. Three months later I made more money in one month than most people do working a full time job. My 4th month I earned a FREE Caribbean Cruise. I was hooked. It was easy. And it was fun!!! 2 years later my Team, my $5 Family, The Blessed Bombshells is ranked #4 in the company. I am the first single Mom to become an Elite Paparazzi Consultant and… I will tell you Direct Sales it is the BEST THING that ever happened to me. This business has brought Faith, Hope, Love & a FAMILY into my life! I know it is God’s plan for my life. #HisPlan

I absolutely love everything about this business. I love watching my Team, The Blessed Bombshells, achieve their Dreams. They have also quit their jobs, bought new cars, homes, pay for dance, sports, and groceries with ease. They are able to take vacations with their families with no financial stress or big credit card bills. And we have a lot of FUN!!!

I love to travel! In the last 2 years I have been to Florida, Kansas City, Kansas, Arkansas, Georgia, Utah, Tennessee, Kentucky, Las Vegas 4 times, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica & in January I will just returned from my 3rd FREE Trip with my team… WE PARTIED for a week in CABO!

I am headed to Las Vegas for my 3rd Convention and I know #thebestisyettocome ??

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I am madly in love with everything about my Paparazzi business!

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