Showin’ Off!

Some days you just have to show off

I’m serious. Some times in life you literally have to show off and let people know what you’ve been working on, sometimes you just need to brag about yourself and what you’ve been up too.

I know we women, we have a little trouble with that because a woman who shows off is a bragging bitch. And I call bulls*** on that. It’s time to get over that completely. I won’t get into the gender-mess right now, this is not the place for that, but seriously ladies, it is absolutely time to SHOW OFF what you’re working on. No matter what it is.


So now I’m going to show off 😉  Yay!

I have been working HARD since the end of July/beginning of August and I am seeing serious results that I just have to share with you!



This is me, eight weeks ago at my annual Paparazzi Accessories Convention. Yes, I am in costume, it was our finale party and it was 50s Themed! I love the 50s! There clothes were MADE for me!! I even made my costume, crinoline and all 😉


Also me, same week, during our First Annual Black and White Gala Reception.


Honestly, these photos were a wake up call, along with others I didn’t pose for that caught me off guard. I knew the weight had appeared, but I didn’t know how much and in what proportions. Anyone else have that happen? Seriously. It was like overnight, BOOM there it all was….. ugh.

Anyway, wake up call like you wouldn’t believe. I was not looking good, not feeling good, and certainly not loving myself. It was time for a change. Starting then and there, right in the middle of Convention I decided change was upon me and nothing was going to keep me from loving myself again, chiefly not me.



This is me now, eight weeks later.

It all started with my diet. I cut out ALL carbs, I mean it, all of them. No bread, no pasta, no potatoes, cakes, cookies, crackers. NO CARBS. I use a modified version of a Ketogenesis diet, it is essentially no carbs at all, I modify it in that I add vegetables, strict followers don’t but I can’t go without vegetables… I feel like my body needs them. Strictly following this diet for four weeks I lost 10 pounds! In changing food alone!

Oh- I should tell you, I LOVE this way of eating, it’s not a diet it is a completely lifestyle change and MAAANNNN do I feel great following it. I am also NEVER NEVER NEVER hungry! Ok, rarely hungry. I can eat a LOT all day long so I don’t feel deprived! It’s fabulous!


During week two I went back to my old-faithful, favorite ever way of working out– swimming! I’m no Michael Phelps…. but I love laps in the pool! They are a killer workout without the muscle and joint pain of running, and the extreme soreness that comes from lifting. Plus, swimming literally works everything from head to toe.



And now I’m back in the gym! I feel back at home and I LOVE it! Five and six days a week I am back there running and lifting heavy things again! I cannot tell you how much I have missed the gym!!!
Honestly, my weight loss has stalled, but that is what happens when a person starts lifting weights, it is perfectly normal and to be expected. Those first two weeks in the gym are literally the hardest. So if you’ve just started or re-started a workout program that includes weight lifting let me encourage you– keep at it. You will gain some weight, a few pounds, especially in your second week, but it WILL disappear as you keep going. Promise.
I am now in week three back at the gym and the pounds are dropping 😉


So there you have it <3
My showing off! Eight weeks of work, 12 total pounds lost, a complete overhaul of my eating habits and relationship with food, and getting back to my first love– working out <3 <3

What are you proud of? What are you working toward? When’s the last time YOU showed off your successes?!