Setbacks are Awesome!

I hear you asking “Ericka, what in the HECK are you talking about?! Setbacks are NEVER awesome, they suck, we hate them, we don’t want them, we do everything in our power to avoid them. How can they be awesome?”

I am so glad you asked!

Go with me here, ok? This is a new way to think and one you’re going to have to wrap your mind around.
Setbacks are amazing for what they teach us.
Setbacks teach us where we went wrong, where we can do better, how we can do better, who we can find to help us along the way, maybe who needs to leave our life, and most especially, setbacks teach us precisely what we do not want in life.
Let’s start there- often we don’t know what we do want in life but we surely know exactly what we DON’T want in life. We won’t want bills, we don’t want debt, we don’t want extra weight, we don’t want drama, and so on. And these setbacks often bring us things we don’t want.  When that happens you have a job to do- use that negative thing to remind you again that you don’t want that in your life and use it to fuel you to change yourself so that you can have what you want.

What are some setbacks?
Not hitting a rank goal.
Not hitting an income goal.
Not hitting a weight goal.
Not hitting a follower goal.
Or not hitting any other goal that you’ve set for yourself.

  1. When you have a setback I have some questions that you must answer during those setbacks.
  2. What is my lesson hear?
  3. What can I learn from this?
  4. What good things did I do?
  5. What better things could I do?
  6. Who was there to help me? How can I have them play a larger roll in my life
  7. Who was a burden for me? How can I remove them from my life?
  8. Who should be in my life to help and encourage me to reach this goal now?
  9. Am I self-sabotaging out of fear?
  10. Am I afraid of reaching this goal? Why?
  11. What can I do to uplevel my mindset to reach this goal? What action plan will I create and carry out?



Sometimes you must fail to reach a goal in order for the goal to become real to you.
Weird. I know.

But often it’s these setbacks that push us harder and further. Don’t let a setback derail you, instead let it be a driving force to what you really want in life.