Required Changes

Happy 2019!
Many things are changing in the Wise Household this year, some we wanted, some we didn’t anticipate but we’re gonna do them anyway!
One way is the way I notify you of my Live Sales!

Up to this point I have been using my favorite tool,, it’s awesome and I love it buuuuuttt there’s a problem. informed all of its users that beginning January 28, 2019 Verizon customers will begin to be charged per text message. And that is not ok. itself is a free service and it is in poor taste that Verizon begins to do this.
So, I have been forced to find another way.

I hope you will make the transition quickly and easily with me and sign up here for a new way to get reminders so that you never miss a live sale or album sale.


I know that I can ask you to download the app and/or enable email notifications- I may do the latter in time, but I do not want to risk you not doing so before the date and then opening an astronomical phone bill. That would be terrible!

Please be sure you sign up here ASAP, I will stop using text message reminders by January 27.

Thank you for your understanding of this forced update and I know, that though it’s not ideal, everything will work out perfectly for all of us!