Purple and Black

It’s no secret that pencil skirts are my very favorite pieces of clothing to wear!
They can be worn high or low on the waist, they can hide many imperfections, and no matter who you are they make your legs look GREAT!

And this purple one with all it’s texture is no exception!

To make this an easy wear-at-home outfit I added a long black tshirt in the softest cotton imaginable. The longer tail on the shirt was an added layer to hide any tummy issues I don’t want the world to see!

Of course I paired it with with Paparazzi Accessories in pretty purple!

I have fallen in love with longer necklaces, they elongate the silhouette and create more of an hour glass! This makes me more happy than I can explain, it’s such a simple way to make myself feel amazing! And this purple one complete with shells makes me grin so much! I added a simple hinge bracelet and my very favorite silver hoop earrings!



I hope you will see what sort of fun things you already have in your closet and find the perfect Paparazzi Accessories to match with them! Beauty and fashion on a budget is the most fun way to play dress us!