Published Article: The Power of Rest!


I’ve been keeping a secret!
I have published my first article in a very long time, since college, and it feels so good!

this is the first in a series of Christian Business Strategies and I am thrilled with the future articles I have already planned!

You can read the full article here–> page 41    I’ll paste the full text below!


We’re conditioned to believe the only way to have success is to work hard and work hard all the time. And while a measure of that is true, it isn’t the complete truth. Think of the wealthiest people- they travel, vacation in exotic places, attend fun events, and simply take days off, all while making money and having successful businesses. Consider that hard work = success is a myth. What if, it is a good mixture of work and rest that makes for the best kind of success? The success that you can have and enjoy.


Business burn out is real.

Yes, you need to work your business, to be faithful and consistent in your tasks. But you also need to sleep, to eat well, to move more, to put down the phone for a few hours, and take that vacation you’ve been putting off. You don’t accomplish any good or profitable work, when at the point of burn out.


Rest Shows Your Trust in God and His Provision

God says, “Come to me and I will give you rest.” You are exhausted, close to quitting because you’ve been going so hard for so long. Rest rather than quit. He wants to trust his model of work and rest; to trust that you can enjoy your life and still build a large, flourishing business. To trust that he has plans to prosper you. Rest shows God that your faith is in him and his provision for you and your business, not in your iron-will to force success to come to you.


Plan Your Rest

Make and keep appointments with yourself for rest. Those appointments are date nights, going to the movies, the park, the mountains, the beach, taking short trips and long vacations. Rest looks like using do not disturb, enjoying a relaxing bath, meditating, silence, and reading. Rest looks like you, being happy with yourself, and not basing your worth on your productivity, output, numbers, or any other external factor.


Rest Will Feel Strange.

The first several times you give yourself rest you will feel strange, anxious, and uncomfortable because you are so used to non-stop working. Rest anyway. Push through the discomfort and the guilt that will come and continue to rest. The more often you rest the less discomfort you will feel; it will become part of your routine.


Rest Brings Success

You and your business will flourish when you rest; you will produce better and more work, you will have a clear mind to create new ideas and products, you will not be led by your emotions, and you will make more money. Trust that after you rest you will come back at full power, better than ever, happier than before, and you will do more and better work and make more money than you could when at the edge of burn out.