Premier Producer

I cannot believe that I am sitting here writing this post right now.

Simply cannot believe that I get to now introduce myself as "Ericka Champion Wise, Premier Producer in Paparazzi Accessories!"

I still smile a huge goofy smile every single time I say it!
Holy crap! I am a Premier Producer!

With the help of my dynamite, selfless, caring, and oh-so-amazing team November was one to remember for me personally in that I now have a brand new rank!


The requirements were steep-- we had too as a team order 12,500 pieces in one month to make this happen!

But y'all, these women and men did not stop there! They went above and beyond and ordered 13,379

Together we also added a total of 26 new women and men to our incredible Team WISE!

We great leaders, leaders stepped up and stepped into their new roles!

Five women achieved brand new ranks, one achieved a new Crown Club honor, and the #1 consultant on the entire team joined and achieved that in the SAME MONTH!


And me? Well I grew a heck of a lot personally! I have to give credit to my amazing coach and friend Louise of Louise Dawn Coaching, she was integral to my success helping me see stumbling blocks, obstacles, belief barriers, teaching me the practice of mindfulness, and holding me accountable to myself!


Onward I go now, better armed, better prepared, and much much deeper into my true purpose for life, both in and out of Paparazzi!
My next step is ELITE in Paparazzi-- that means the top 3% of the company, the highest ranks where leaders really stand out and shine! I've been destined for this level all of my life and knocking down belief barrier after belief barrier, learning to love myself, learning really be authentically me, accepting that I am perfect as I am whether or not a weak personality can handle me- I'm still me and I love being me has been both freeing and empowering and is what has been the key to my success!
(look for an additional post on this subject sometime soon! I have a lot to say here!)


So-- here we go!

Ericka Champion Wise, Paparazzi Accessories Premier Producer

And I am so very proud of ME for all of the work I did on myself <3