Political Nightmare

Look folks, I.GET.IT. this is a presidential election year and you’re passionate about what and who you are passionate about. Got it. Good.

Let’s talk about it okay- just you and me. And if you’re a business owner of any kind, direct sales or otherwise, you need to pay extra attention to what I’m going to tell you.

(and remember, I promised to always shoot straight with you so no hurt feelings)

Stop posting about politics on Facebook. I love ya, I do, but you need to hear me here, stop it. Your ranting and/raving about or against a candidate is not doing you any favors. You aren’t turning people toward your candidate, or away from the one you don’t like, you’re only making yourself look foolish… You’re alienating people on both sides. You’re showing your ignorance. You are losing friends. And if you own a business, you are losing business. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. You are.

This meme has never been so true than the 2016 Presidential Election…shew this year is rough on all of us.

“But, Ericka!” I hear you whining right now “I am passionate about politics and my friends and family need to know where I stand and how I’m going to vote! They MUST know! I must show my love for my country by shouting my beliefs on Facebook and arguing with people I’ve never met!”

Yes, yes, I hear you…

The fact of the matter is no, no you don’t. You don’t need to spend hours of your life shouting on Facebook about politics, that’s a complete waste of time, especially when the media only tells us part of the story and no one really knows what’s going on or who is behind the scenes pulling the strings (that’s another blog for another time)

Life is short, do you really want to waste it on Facebook griping about politics? Why not go out and be with your husband/wife, your child(ren), your parents, good friends for dinner, or heck, go read a book by the pool! You’ll feel more fulfilled afterwards than posting any rant on Facebook. Promise.

Plus let’s be real, you are not going to change anyone’s mind. It ain’t happening. Ever.

Let me just hop on one more soap box here, it is my blog after all… IF all the people who were ranting and raving on Facebook about politics would *actually* show up at the polls in voting day our world would be totally, completely different! I mean whoa, if the millions of Americans who just Facebook to gripe would actually show up and cast their votes, duuuuuuuuude….. I can’t even imagine.


But the real truth, cause I know you wanna hear it, is that it’s a million times easier to hide behind a computer screen and by anonymous that get out and do your civic duty.

Let me tell you another thing– if you don’t vote you don’t get to complain. Boom. Let that one sink in. If you aren’t willing to do your part to make changes then you don’t get to gripe about there being no changes.


To my business owners who use Facebook to promote their business you need to stop all political posts, yesterday. Seriously. They do not help you with any business promotion or growth, and they will turn away potential customers. I promise you. It will.  Remember the bakery and the cake for the same-sex wedding… shew, I shudder at the thought of that one… and all the fall out afterwards

So leave politics out of it. Trust me here.

Now, don’t read me wrong, I am not telling you to NOT participate in politics. No. For goodness sakes PLEASE participate, please go do your research on candidates, please attend rally’s, please attend town meetings, please attend events in your area, please get informed, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GO VOTE!


I am a business owner and a person deeply involved in politics, I’ve only missed voting in ONE election since I turned 18, and that was a local election just after we moved to Florida and hadn’t yet registered in our new home. And so long as I am able I will never miss another election! I BEG you to go vote!

Also, there is only one person who knows my politics and that’s me. Not my husband, not my parents, not even my closest friends. I play my politics close to my chest because I have family and friends on both sides and I am going to keep it that way. Politics does not make you any friends, not real ones anyway. I won’t tell you who I vote for in November, and I honestly don’t want to know who you vote for. We’re each entitled to our own opinions and our own vote and we should do with it as we feel best.

** Disclaimer**  I won’t post things like this often, that’s not my style, but this one needs said and perhaps it needs said by me 😉 We shall see. Don’t crucify me here, this is my blog after all and I promised you honest, to the point advice on things you need to hear and this is a big one!