Pencil Skirt Fashion!

Let’s Talk Easy and Comfy Fashion!

Ericka Champion Wise Fashion Green Shirt, Long Gold necklace, black and white polka dot pencil skirt
I love clothes!

Really love clothes!
I have always loved dressing up and playing with different styles and reinventing myself along the way!

This is one of the reasons I sell Paparazzi Accessories 😉
I couldn’t resist the fashion!

But I don’t love fast fashion- meaning I don’t change with every trend that comes along, I love timeless, lasting pieces that never go out of style.
Instead I love to change my accessories to match the seasons and trends!
Plus it’s a lot less expensive- can I get an AMEN?!?!

This is one of my favorite style outfits: pencil skirt and tucked in top complete with a long or layered necklace, earrings and bracelet, all Paparazzi of course!

It’s slimming and flattering for all body shapes and sizes.
This skirt has a lot of stretch and is very comfortable- I can wear it all day in my home office, do all the computer work, put away inventory, go out and play with the dogs, and even take a walk in the evenings without any problems because the cotton is so forgiving.

Pair it with a pair of cute wedge sandals and BOOM easy outfit done!



I hope this lets you have LOTS of fun playing dress up and maybe even encourages you to try something new with the pieces you have in your closet!