Party Invitations!


I am THIRLLED that this week I fly out to attend the biggest Paparazzi party of the year! I know, I know, you’ve already seen a lot of posts about Convention but you’re gonna see a few (ok, a lot) more of them!  Just buckle up!

This Convention is the best time of the entire year! Best! I mean I can’t even tell you how great it is– just watch for other posts in the future about all the fun I had, all the wonderful people I met, the incredible training, and all the new pieces that you’ll get to order!!!

But for now let’s talk about these invites!



The first is to an exclusive Pajama Party!!! This one is reserved for only those few who got their convention tickets FIRST and I was among those! You know I love doing things first so there was no way I was missing out on that! No way!

This will be a small group of folks relaxing in our best pj’s hanging out with our founders, eating yummy foods, catching up with friends we haven’t seen since last convention, dancing, taking entirely too many photos, and generally having a great time while we kick off what’s going to be an amazing Convention!


Now this one is NEW!!

This is the first time Paparazzi has hosted a black and white gala for our awards and man am I stoked! We get to dress to the nines, show off all the beautiful gowns we can find, have our fellas dressed up in suits and tuxes, and enjoy celebrating our friends, sponsors, and uplines, and of course ourselves, for all of their hard work and amazing achievements!

I know several members of the company who will be strutting their stuff on the runway for the very first time this week and I can’t wait to celebrate them!


Boy is this going to be a convention to remember! the 5th anniversary is a big one and Paparazzi is gonna do it right!


Wanna be there with me next year? Then you better join my team today because it’s only getting better and better!!