Being a Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consultant has been so much fun!

In the more than five years that I’ve been a Consultant I have learned, grown, changed, worked, and believed in ways that I never knew were possible!

I started my Paparazzi Accessories journey while a member of another Direct Sales company, and I wasn’t doing so great. I didn’t enjoy my company, didn’t enjoy what I was selling, didn’t have a real passion for it, and honestly, felt like I didn’t matter- I was just a number among millions… I knew I deserved and was made for much more than that.
At that time Paparazzi Accessories was just a baby company, only a little more than two years old, it was literally a ground floor opportunity, and it was a simple business model, guaranteed to make money selling a great product at a price that could not be beat. What was not to love? I met my sponsor, questioned her to death, and then signed up the next day, no brainer indeed.

Now more than five years later I’ve grown a team over 1200 people, ranked up seven times, sold thousands upon thousands of pieces of jewelry, and empowered and inspired more women than I will likely ever know.

Everyone has a why story, me included, I am fortunate to have two reasons for working Paparazzi, two very deep and driving purposes that keep me moving forward every day.
My first reason is Freedom. Freedom of choice, freedom of finances, freedom to be myself. I have been in a place where I had no freedom, I was stuck in a job that wasn’t fulfilling me, stuck financially, stuck feeling like I had no choice in any part of my life, stuck in my own mind, just stuck.
Paparazzi has given me that freedom. I work from home, I make my own schedule, I decide my own hours, I decide my own co-workers, I decide when I will work and when I will vacation, I decide if I want to have a meeting, or if I want to run away to a coffee shop to write.

Paparazzi has given me freedom in my finances. Being honest, I make a great deal of money selling Paparazzi and that money has given me new choices and new opportunities that were not previously available to me. Paparazzi money bought our new house, Paparazzi money pays our mortgage, Paparazzi money allows me to spend more and make an economic difference in my town, Paparazzi money allows me to hire a web developer and help her afford her life’s expenses, Paparazzi money allows me to pay my assistant and help her to afford the many expenses that come along with having children, Paparazzi money allows me to support my friends in Direct Sales who are out hustling every day and in turn change their lives.

Paparazzi has given me freedom to use both my talents and education. I am a highly educated educator, having spent many years studying how to be a great teacher I know my skills and talents and Paparazzi has been the perfect place to use and hone those skills. Every day I fall back on the things I learned to lead my team, to teach my team, to train my team, and to teach my team to do the very same for their teams.

My second reason is to inspire others.

My journey has been one of ups and downs, downs and ups, of long (very) long waiting periods, of time wasted by wandering a desert. My journey has been fraught with difficult times and they were not the most fun, but those times are the times that made me. Those hard times, those times of anger in the waiting, those times of being furious that I was not achieving the goals I set for myself—those are the very same times that are allowing me to inspire others.
I have women on my team who are going through those very same times, and will have more in the future, not to mention the many many people who are not even on my team who are watching my journey on social media who are also being inspired by my journey.

Paparazzi has given me the story to share to be inspiring to others, and that story is not nearly over, I feel as though I am just beginning, there is so much more to come and I am very excited to see the next steps on my amazing journey unfold!

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