Paparazzi Accessories Success Story

Paparazzi Accessories Success Story
Paparazzi Accessories Success Story

Every story has a beginning, a middle, and a success.

What’s your story? What’s your success story? Are you ready to re-write it with a great success?


This consultant paid for her hair appointment by selling $5 jewelry at her salon! She couldn’t even walk in the door without people asking where was the jewelry. What kind of excitement does that build in you? Me? It makes me wanna go get my hair cut right now and take a bag of jewelry with me!

She sold 12 pieces, that $60.

Are you seeing that? $60 in probably less than an hour and she didn’t do any work.

What could an extra $60 do for you? What could having a [basically] free hair cut do for you and your budget?


Paparazzi will change your life.

And I will soon be posting YOUR success story.

Are you ready? Isn’t now the time to write your own story?


Lets get started today! 

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