OOTD: Houndstooth is life!


Another day, another outfit complete with Lularoe!

This time a super light-weight, fun, Azure skirt in houndstooth pattern! The Southern Belle in me just can’t help herself, I ADORE this one! There was now way it was staying on the rack!

I paired this with a pretty royal blue shirt in heavy cotton, I love the contract between the light-weight skirt and the heavy cotton shirt, it makes the outfit much more interesting and gives the flying skirt something to which it can anchor. Plus I added a sheer short-sleeve caftan (is that the right name for this thing?) in light beige. Then added a belt for the high-waist look that I love! I mean a girl can’t go wrong adding a belt that slims her!

Top it all off with some pretty $5 Paparazzi pearls- necklace, earrings, ring, and bracelet, and then you’ve got yourself every southern girls dream outfit!

Can you tell I don’t like shoes? We don’t wear them in our apartment, carpet and all.. but I added later a pair of black Michael Kors ballet flats!