Old Coffee Pot is New Again!

Back story: my grandparents purchased her mother’s, my great grandmother’s, house last year, and the poor sweet old things were the biggest hoarders you’ve ever seen… rooms were piled high with useless things, old magazines, broken books, papers, junk, stuff, fabric, clothing, pots and pans, and in the workshops and barns there was a menagerie for just stuff, so.much.stuff. Not to mention the extreme amount of plant over growth all over the large property… wow it was one big mess.

It has taken a year of hard work but the interior of the house has been fully cleared and renovated, made livable again for my brother and his family of four, and about 50% of the outside is clean.
We went home for a visit last weekend and I just love going out there, every time I find some great new-to-me vintage stuff that is perfect for my house! I even have two fully intact vintage windows hanging on my wall from her house!
This time, I found the CUTEST peculator coffee pot- mini style!


It was a lovely shade of 1970’s avocado green, and that just was not gonna work for me 😀

Plus, it didn’t work very well– thankfully I have a wonderful Papa who can fix just about anything, he took a look and solved the electrical problem as well as the leak and crack!

A primer coat was required to cover up that greenness! And there was a lot of green!


And though my Grandma asked “Pink, why would you paint it pink?” (I mean why WOULDN’T I paint it pink!?)


It has a brand new coat of shiny paint, works like a charm and looks AWESOME on my counter!

I couldn’t be happier!


DIY and re-doing are all in my blood, as evidenced by the amount of stuff even my great grandparents both saved knowing they could re-do them, make them new again, or put them together with something else and make it completely different! I love taking the old and making it come back to life! <3