Office Hours and Boundaries

I wrote the following statement in response to a post on Facebook.

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Short back story: a lady was complaining that she had customers just taking over her life, all she did was talk to them, she sold bridal gowns, and the bridezillas, they were taking over her entire life and leaving her with nothing else.
She was seeking advice on what to do about it.

I responded with “Office Hours and Boundaries”
She asked for an explanation of what I meant by that.

Here’s what I said and I hope that it resonates with someone else out there, someone who is also overwhelmed and needs to set Office Hours and Boundaries

“I set office hours and only allow myself to work within those hours– this keeps my on task and focused during work time, allows for greater freedom during down time, and keeps the husband happy that I’m making him a priority!
And boundaries- I am the one in charge, not the customer 😉 what I have is what I have and I hope you love it, if not there is someone else out there who can help you, perhaps you need to go find them!

So many of us in sales chase the money to our own detriment, we are so desperate to make the next sale that we do everything to make a customer happy when in reality, some folks you are never gonna please so don’t try.
AND, we get to decide who we work with, I do not work with some folks at all or more than once. Boundaries.
I have told many customers and even people who are thinking about joining my business “I dont think I’m the one for you, I can however, refer you to someone else you’ll enjoy working with”

I dont need that troublesome sale, I don’t need that troublesome teammate. I need peace in my life, I need the emotional freedom to follow my passion and if those two are compromised all I have to say to someone is “Sorry sister, mama’s got her priorities and making you happy ain’t it!”

It’s a novel idea, esp for those who are new to the industry, but I’m not desperate for any sale or anyone, I am following my passion and I know the money will follow me.
It is an amazing freedom to have reached this point”



ps- I share these office hours with BOTH my customers AND my downline so that everyone knows. And for the most part folks are understanding, occasionally someone likes to cross that line but that’s where my boundaries come into play- I am very straightforward with them “You sent me a message after office hours, I am enjoying time with my family, I will respond to you during my normal work times.”

And I stick to it.