November 2017 in Team WISE

Paparazzi Accessories had yet another banner month in November and we at Team WISE were no exception!! We had our BEST MONTH EVER! Yep, I'm shouting and I wont stop! It was an amazing month and I am so proud of my team!  I just have to tell you all about the great things they did and you have to celebrate with me some of the top leaders on my team!!


Sarah Bozzuto!
Pastors wife, mom of three, homeschool teacher, and now- Paparazzi Accessories Premier Director!!

Sarah set to work at the beginning of November like any other month, selling jewelry, sharing her love of beautiful, affordable jewelry, and using her Paparazzi Accessories as a platform to share the message of Jesus’ love and telling others how her business had changed her life and the life of her family! Because of her faithful work doing what she loves her team grew steadily, person after person decided they wanted to become part of our Paparazzi business and learn how to find success from Sarah!
In addition, Sarah helped one of her teammates achieve their own new rank in November! We will hear about her next!


Ally Shepherd!
Ally is a young woman who *just* got married, we’re talking the first weekend of December she said I Do to her sweet new husband! During the month of November she didn’t let wedding planning distract her, she didn’t use her big day as her excuse instead she let that big day and her new married life fuel her fire and keep her working! Paparazzi is and will continue to be her sole source of income in her new marriage and she just gave herself a pay raise by ranking up to Director in November!


Sheila Moore!
Sheila is a force to be reckoned with! She is a strong, powerful woman on a mission, and her mission is to change lives and boy does she do that with a fire in her spirit!! She is no stranger to Direct Sales and it shows, she was unafraid to show and share and sell, sell, sell, and then sell some more! She knows the power of opening her mouth and letting folks know about her cute new Paparazzi Accessories venture! And it all paid off! She added FOUR personal teammates in one month just by sharing. And to top that off, she is a DYNAMITE teacher and mentor! Her new ladies know what’s going on, they know where to find the answers to their questions, and they know that their sponsor has their back all the time!

Y’all keep an eye on her—she is going places!


Wendy Daggs!

She is a wife, mom, has a full-time job, and is a direct sales maven, she’s been in other companies before but didn’t find her home or her success until Paparazzi Accessories! In no time she has grown her team and ranked to a Director in Paparazzi Accessories! And let’s talk about sales—she sells at least 50 pieces her party several days a week! I wish I had sales like hers! She does an amazing job! She is also a great mentor, teaching her new consultants all the tips and tricks to find their own success!


Tracey Holliday!

Tracey is a former teacher and it shows in everything she does! She is a teacher first, seeking always to understand, to have her questions answered, and then to pass along everything she knows to those who join her team! In less than 30 days she recruited and ranked to Director in Paparazzi Accessories! And she hasn’t stopped there! She is on the move as we speak working for her next level and finding incredible success in her Paparazzi Accessories business!


Kathy Fishburn!
Kathy is already a Paparazzi Accessories Director! She ranked up a few months ago but this month she has a special recognition for achieving Crown Club 5! That means she had a minimum of five personally sponsored, people she added to the team herself, active for three months in a row! That is NOT an easy feat! I am so proud of her work! She surprised me on this one! She worked hard to make it happen and didn’t even tell me she was going for it!!



Let’s meet the Team WISE November Top Spots!

You’ve already met our highest recruiter, Sheila! She’s on fire and I am fanning the flames of her success every day!
Let’s meet Sherri Kuntz! By day she’s a Registered Nurse and Lactation Consultant who joined Paparazzi in November and in her first month topped out on my team as #1 in sales! She works hard, loves what she does, and puts in what I imagine is the same tenacity that helped her pass her RN program into her Paparazzi Accessories business and is finding success after success after success!


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