Not your average upline

So, my Direct Sales girlfriends, lets talk about your upline.
Is she controlling, does she tell you what to do but doesn't do it herself, does she ignore you, does she push you and your concern off to the side, does she not want to listen to your ideas? Or worse, does she tell you to do things, like cold message people, that you KNOW doesn't work?!
Yea... I've totally been there and done that before (in other companies)

And that's when I determined to be not-so-average. (as with all things in my life...)

So let's talk about me- but not in a bragging way.
I have as of August 31, 2017 336 total on my team, and they're fabulous.
I am different as an upline, about as different as it gets I think.

I have people who have amazing ideas and when they have those "light bulb" moments they go live right in my team group to share them- without telling me about it.

I have people who have crazy new ways to set up their jewelry and they post pictures in my group so others can see and maybe do the same-- without telling me about it.

I have a Spanish-speaking team who had their first ever live training event this week and I didn't even tune in-- 1) I don't speak Spanish and 2) I didn't need too, they had it well taken care of!

I have consultants who teach ME things by sharing them in my group- without telling me about it.

I have consultants who touch my heart by posting inspirational things in my group- without telling me about it.

I have teammates do my team trainings when I am unavailable, on the topic of their choice, and they don't pass an agenda by me.

You see, I'm a millennial educated at the premier Liberal Arts University in the south east, likely all of the US by now, and I see the value in group thinking, in group sharing, in taking ideas and fleshing the out and making them even better as a unit, I see the value in taking your creativity and adding it to our mix and letting you soar with your ideas.  Plus, I know for a fact that I DO NOT know it all, but together we certainly know a lot more.

I trust my team, I'm created a culture of sharing, openly, all ideas, of making ideas better, of letting people be people and showing off what they've got. I am a FIRM believer in finding the talents hidden within each person on my team and nourishing those talents, putting those talents to use for the good of the group, and I won't have it any other way.


Because at the end of the day it is not all about it, it's about my team, it's about changing their lives and I've watched the change right before my eyes while we work together to really dig deep into that talent and put it to good use.

I am not your average upline, and I'm pretty dang proud of that.

If you're part of a team or business where your creativity is stifled, where your ideas are not heard, where you know you aren't doing well because you aren't allowed to be authentically my friend we need to talk. You know your strengths (or maybe not and need help finding them), I can help you learn just exactly what you're capable of accomplishing in your life by simply letting your natural talents lead the way.
So email me, send me a Facebook message, let's talk. Paparazzi could be the very place you need to call home <3