New Friends!


When I started this business the thought of creating new friendship wasn’t really on my mind. I started it because I wanted and needed the extra money and boy has there been extra money, thank goodness!

But there has been so much more.

When we moved to Florida I left behind everyone I knew, all the friends I made, all of the comfortable things that make up living in the same town for years. and I was worried about making friends in my new home. I mean I didn’t know a soul, not even my neighbors.

Paparazzi is THE reason that I made friends in Florida. It is absolutely the only reason that I got out of the house and met people. It was my saving grace in a new place. I’m not even kidding. Now I have a team of 120 men and women who are so much more than my team, they are my friends and I loving working alongside them.

Are you new to town? Are you moving soon? Are you just hoping for new friends? Are you a mom who needs out of the house and away from the kids? Then Paparazzi is right for you.

You need this business. You need to start this journey with me. It will bring you friends, amazing great friends who will build you up and help you through the tough times that life brings!


Join now. Just go ahead and do it! You will not regret it!