That’s right! I started a new book! I am only 4 chapters in and I don’t have a title but I couldn’t wait to tell you about it
I don’t have a deadline for completion, editing, or publication- all of that will come in time, but I am having a blast writing this and I just have to share! 


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Childhood best friends Scott and Maria went their separate ways in life but death brought them back together unexpectedly. Sparks of love they had never discussed as kids fly between them, but will there be time for love while a group of people are determined to remove all supernaturals from human society? And how will their love fair when, after 30 years of secrets, they reveal all? 

A light-hearted supernatural romantic mystery, this story is full of twists, turns, secrets darkness, and love. Perfect for all readers who believe that love trumps all! 

Happy Reading! 

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Here’s Chapter 1- raw and unedited so there will be a few problems, just skip over those 😉 


With a long sigh Maria decided to stop standing in the driveway letting the neighbors stare and wonder what she was doing and finally mounted the four steps that lead to the house’s large porch and eventually the bright yellow door. A door that had once meant joy and sunshine, now a painful reminder of all that was gone and all that had changed. 

This house, how her house, was always her home. She knew that beyond the door she couldn’t yet open was the same brown furniture with blue curtains, the same white dishes, the same expanse of kitchen counter top, the same pictures, and the same yellow bedspread of her childhood bedroom. But this was different. There would be no warm welcome, no big bear hug, no offer of “What do you want to eat, I have all your favorites ready!” No, there would be none of that. Her heart ached with new grief at this revelation. 

Her mom, short and sassy, had been loving, heart of this house was gone, far too soon, and if she were honest with herself a bit mysteriously all things considered. But there wasn’t time for that right now. She had this yellow door and all these emotions to contend with first. 

Bracing herself with a deep breath Maria turned the key in the lock and opened the door wide. Unable to move by the onslaught of feelings she simply stood and looked down the hallway full of bright light and wooden floors. Remembering all the times she had opened this door before in her 31 years, all the times she’d been met at that door with exuberant love. Today, she stood there alone. The memories and the solitude flooded through her, threatening to overwhelm her completely.

Ready to either crumble to her knees in tears or lock the door and run back to her car, possibly both, a voice broke her thoughts.  “Maria!” a strong, deep, male voice that was weirdly familiar called through her emotional fog. She knew that she knew that voice, but whose voice was it? Her thoughts couldn’t come together to decide how they knew it, only that they did know it. 

“Maria!” the voice called a second time, this time Maria could think enough to tell her feet move and to turn around to see who was calling her. 

Suddenly her thoughts were jumbled again, but this time for a completely new reason! The man calling her name was deliciously handsome; tanned, dark hair and eyes, and the simple jeans and t-shirt combination he was wearing that didn’t hide the fact that he liked to work out. The weirdest part? She knew this man, with his big brown eyes full of sympathy, but how did she know him? Who was he? And why couldn’t her brain put it together for her? 

“Maria, my mom told me you’d be here, about your mom’s passing, and that you’d be coming today to take possession of the house and I couldn’t let you do that alone.” He hesitated, doubt suddenly clouding his eyes, “I hope that’s okay. “ He’d stopped before the bottom step to the porch, hand on the rail seemingly unsure if his idea was really a good one. 

After a long moment Maria finally recovered herself enough to shake her head and put some words together in a coherent sentence. “Um, hi, thanks to your mom for letting you know I was here and thanks to you for understanding that this will be hard for me. Just one, possibly very rude question, who are you?”

Instantly a big smile hit the man’s face, holy hotness he was even more gorgeous when he smiled. “Oh, so you don’t recognize me, huh? I should be insulted but since we spent nearly every day together for 18 years I’ll let this slide for old times sake. Let me see if I can jog your memory.” He snickered, clearly pleased with himself to have the chance to tease her. 

Maria crossed her arms in mildly annoyed defiance, and let her face morph into a smirk, but unexpected waves of energy tripped through her and into her belly lighting a long-dead fire there at the thought of actually knowing and forgetting this handsome stranger. Perhaps this forced homecoming was going to be okay after all. 

“I’ll give you three clues,” he want on, still holding his devilish smile, “to see if you can figure it out or if I need to torture you a bit more. First, we both broke our arms when we tried your idea of parachuting out of Mr. James’ hayloft and our mom’s grounded us for a month. I had to weed the flower beds for 4 weeks after that. Second, you wore the perfect yellow dress to prom and made me wear a matching vest and tie, the guys called me sunshine for months after. And third, we used to sneak out of your mom’s Christmas parties and hide in your tree house to avoid the boredom of their weird games and eat all of the chocolate we could sneak away with. And somehow the adults never caught on, or simply didn’t care. And when your dad eventually put a TV and VCR in there for you we said we would never come out again. Especially after you migrated your Disney movie collection out there.”

Shock and recognition hit Maria all at once. She did know him, very well, she’d always known him and at one time a part of her young girl heart had loved him deeply. Not that she ever told him because well, how could she, she never got up that kind of courage. 

“Scott?!” her reply came out strangled by emotion. “Oh my gosh, it’s you, no wonder your mom knew I was here! Why are you here? I mean, didn’t you move to join the Army ages ago? Why are you home? Not that I’m not grateful, no, I am and so glad to see you but why are you back in Georgia? And I’m babbling, let me start over.”
Embarrassed a bit she exhaled strongly, took a new breath and tried again.
“Hi Scott, it’s so good to see you. Thank you for coming. Now get up here and give your best friend a hug!”

With only a moment’s hesitation Scott skipped all the steps, walked across the porch and into her open arms for that hug. Holding her close he could feel her heartbeat, smell the same honeysuckle perfume she’d worn since highschool, and he couldn’t help but to sigh. God, how he’d missed her, his friend, his Maria, the one his wolf had claimed as his so many years ago. The one who married another man because she never knew how he felt about her, he’d realized that a few years ago after his own divorce. Maria wasn’t his because he had never had the guts to own up to his real feelings for her. He’d also never worked up the nerve to tell her the truth about who he really was, what he and all of his family could do, how different they were from humans. He kept it hidden partially because his pack told him too but also because he wasn’t sure how she’d respond to the truth. He’d determined a while ago that all the secret keeping was all going to change if given the chance.

And the universe had just given him that chance, he was determined not to blow it this time around. But now wasn’t the time for that. She was in pain, he could see it written on her face, could feel it in the way she was currently clinging to him like he was a life raft. She needed a friend, not a love declaration. She sighed against him and he nearly growled with the need to make her pain go away, to protect her, to care for her. But it was the small, delicate sniff that caught him off guard. Pulling her back to arms length with his hands on her upper arms he studied her “Hey, what’s wrong, did I do something wrong? You okay?”  

“No, no” she sniffed again, wishing the tears that were threatening to fall back to stop coming before she lost all control. “I’m just emotional at all of this. You did the right thing and I am very grateful you’re here.” She managed a small smile.

Scott pulled her back in for a quick hug and released her just as fast. “Good.” relief pouring through him. “Our usual seat is still hanging there, wanna go sit and catch up or do you want to walk through the house first?”

With eyes full of something he couldn’t read Maria looked up at him and one tear rolled down her cheek, without thinking Scott brushed it away with his thumb. 

“So sit and talk it is then. The house will wait. Stay put.” He walked over and quietly shut the door while Maria did indeed stay put. “Wow, she really is hurting.” he thought to himself, the Maria he knew would never just stay still when asked. He gently took her hand and steered her toward the porch swing full of riotously colored pillows remembering the hours and hours of chats they’d had there. So many laughs, tears, secrets, plans, heartbreaks, sad and happy times shared right here. This was their place and he couldn’t wait to have his friend back there. He’d missed her so much since they went their separate ways; him to join the Army and then to school, her to college and more, and eventually marriage according to his mother who kept in the know about such things. They’d lost each other along the way. But life always has a way of bringing soulmates back together. 

Soulmates?! No, he didn’t just think that word. And he surely couldn’t use that right now with her, she’d just lost her mom. She didn’t need that right now at all. 

Firmly set on keeping his feelings under wrap Scott sat Maria down on the bright bench seat then joined her leaving a large, and disappointing amount of space between them. He had to remind himself that more than a decade had passed since they sat on this seat “thicker than thieves” everyone in town would say, and that sort of thing wouldn’t come back in the first five minutes of her being back home. “Patience man, patience.” He told himself, “this is the time for friendship, nothing more.”



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