My Favorite Question


I’ve been at this Paparazzi business for not quite three years and I still giggle every time someone says “Wait, it’s only $5?! Are you serious?

Paparazzi Jewelry is only $5?!
Paparazzi Jewelry is only $5?

I love it. That is seriously my favorite question!

Yes, I mean it, everything is only $5! Then I tell her to dive in and good luck 😉


Everything in Paparazzi Accessories is only $5. It always will be. That’s our tag line “$5 jewelry!”

And it’s one heck of a selling point! It’s what makes people shop the first time and what keeps them coming back again and again and again, it’s what turns customers into hostesses because they know their friends won’t have to spend so much money at their party, and it’s what turns them into consultants because if they can afford it so can their friends and family who will surely support them.

Paparazzi Jewelry is only $5!
Paparazzi Jewelry is only $5!

This business is designed for success, and that success starts with our incredible product and a you-can’t-beat-it price point!

I mean, what’s not to love!

So keep asking friends, I will giggle a little and then assure you that, Yes, everything is $5 and you’re gonna love it!

Come shop with me!