My 5-Year Paparazzi Accessories Story

Today felt like the day to share my Paparazzi Story with you.

November 25, 2013 I joined Paparazzi after seeing a lady selling it at an event while I was selling another product. To be it was a no-brainer for sales; simple, easy, exceptionally affordable.
But something I’ve never told you is that I joined because I wanted a place where I could be the leader I knew I was born to be, where I could be the teacher, where I could be the one leading people helping them realize their dreams and grow themselves.

July 2014 I left my full time job when we moved to Florida and started Paparazzi full time.

August 2014 I attended my first Paparazzi Convention and cause the vision and set the goal of ranking to Elite

September 2014 I ranked to Director

October 2014 I rank to Premier Director

August 2015 I attended my second Paparazzi Convention

September 2015 I ranked to Executive Director

August 2016 I attended my third Paparazzi Convention

March 2017 I ranked to Producer

August 2017 I attended my third Convention

October 2018- Earned free trip to Cancun, Mexico

November 2017 I ranked to Premier Producer

March 2018 I ranked to Executive Producer

April 2019 Attended Elite Leadership Summit in Utah

October 2018 I ranked to Fashionista
October 2018 Earned free trip to Dominican Republic

This is five years condensed into just a few lines of text. So much happened in so few short years. I have won, I have lost, I have ranked, I have cried, I have celebrated, and I have been honored to help, encourage, and inspire SO many wonderful people along the way.

There are a few things I want you to take from this story:
1- Stop watching your wins and loses, start watching your habits- the secret of your success lies in what you do every single day. Are you working every day for your success? Yes, good, do more. No? Okay, today is your day to start.
2- Work toward the tipping point. We will do a serious training on this one day, make sure you’re there!
3- Do what your told, your upline has your best interest in at heart, do what she has told you to do and stop procrastinating because you don’t believe you’re good enough.
4- Grow yourself, in a big big big way, you’re the ONLY thing standing in your way of greatness.
5- Have the biggest, strongest, best why EVER. It needs to be strong enough to get you through the long long years, and the even longer days.

Don’t give up.
And if you have given up get back to work today!
You are writing your story every day you go to work. What kind of story do you want to be able to tell in 5 years? How do you want to be remembered? As one who worked and stuck with it and grew, or as one who gave up when things got tough and never got her dreams.

You can have everything you want, if you’re willing to work on it. And the work you need to do most is on you. Not on your business, on you, your faith, your belief, your mindset. Fix that and everything else comes easily!