Mind Your Language

​Mind Your Language 👄👂👄
The language you use everyday matters.
One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in life and business is how much negative language effects my life.
When I used to say “I wish”, “I hope”, “I want”, “I will try” and “only if” I was always broke, stressed out and frustrated.
When I switched my language to saying “I will” and “I can” is when everything changed.
You see….. “I wish”, “I hope”, “I want”, “I will try” and “only if” are all statements that mean you’re not truly committed.
When you say I will try that means you will give it your best shot. When it gets hard you will quit.
It also means you don’t believe you can achieve the result. When you don’t believe you can achieve something you will never follow through.
When you say “I will” or “I can” those are words with power behind them. It means you’re committed and you’re willing to do whatever it takes. It means you will go from failure to failure until you finally figure out the winning combination.(you will learn to love your failures). It means there is no option of quitting or trying something else.
This is something you will have to constantly work on and correct yourself from time to time.
When you change the words you “think” and “the words you say”, then your life will change.
Don’t believe me? Try it!