March 2018 in Team WISE

March was one for the record books.
These sort of things have never before happened in my life, in my team, for my people, and I am thrilled to get to write our incredible accomplishments!

Thank you for reading and sharing the amazing joy that we have together on Team WISE!

Team WISE Top Spots!  The top recruiter added 10! The top in sales sold 1,528 pieces!


We had a total of 11 ranks!
ELEVEN!! We have never had that many before and my goodness was it just powerful to see these women work, believe, and achieve their goals!































Team WISE is incredible. Without a doubt, just incredible.
We grew by 59 people in ONE month!

If you’re thinking about joining Paparazzi this is the time and this is the team! Come over and join us today! is where you can sign up!