Making Money.


The most asked question is “How do you make money?”

And that’s my favorite question to answer! We make money by selling!

We are just like any retails store you’ve ever been in– we buy our jewelry at wholesale pricing for $2.75 each piece, we sell it for $5, we profit immediately $2.25. We must also reinvest in new inventory. Just like any store, we have to have pieces to sell! Without pieces there will be no profit!


Making money in this business is very easy! Very! Who can’t afford a piece of $5 jewelry? Most everyone can and most everyone WILL want to shop with you!

In a “bad” month I sell over 200 pieces. In a good month over 400 😉 You do the math– I earn $2.75 per piece, how much do I earn in sales??

What could an extra few hundred do for you and your family every month? How would that money change your life?


The first thing you have to do is join! Just go ahead and do it!

You will not regret it and I will teach you how to do what I do!