Makin’ History

She did it.

I mean she really did it. My friend Mandi Heinsch, who happens to also be my Paparazzi Accessories upline, she did it. She made serious history in Paparazzi. She became the very first JetSetter in our entire company!!
To say nothing of the fact that she is also the youngest! Only 25 years old!


It has been my pleasure to know and work with her for the last three and a half years. She has been a role model and inspiration to me and to many others, she has stuck with the business through the tough times, through the hard times, through the times when she didn’t hit her numbers, through the times when she wondered why she was doing this in the first place. She is still here!
And because she was willing to stay in the business for five years no matter what happened look at her now! The first JetSetter!

Now I know you don’t know what in the world JetSetter means- let me explain! 

She was required to have a team total order volume of 500,000, aka 250,000 pieces. That’s a quarter million pieces! Are you seeing that?! Quarter million pieces ordered in ONE month! To make it even more complicated, she can only take 1/3 of that volume from any given leg, so no one major rockstar leg can carry all the weight, it must be shared across her entire team.

Why is JetSetter important?

Do you see that money? DO YOU SEE THAT MONEY?!?
That’s per month. Seriously. That’s what some people make in a year. That’s what she makes IN.A.MONTH.
And this is not exaggerated, this is accurate, I’m at the fifth level now and know that these numbers are true.
Could you image making that kind of money in ONE MONTH?!?
To say nothing of her personal jewelry sales and bonuses. That means even more!


I am so incredible proud of her. I have seen her work ethic, seen her get busy on the bad days, turn bad days around, and make the best of everything she’s given. She deserves this more than anyone I know and I am so proud to say “I know her!”

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