Lularoe Summer PopUp


This week I hosted a Lularoe and Paparazzi Popup party!

My friends came over to shop for beautiful, comfortable, modest, and affordable clothing to pair with $5 jewelry!

Everyone who came left with a new outfit plus matching accessories! It doesn’t get better than that! Plus, I got to help a brand new Lula consultant have her very first in home event. As a seasoned consultant who’s done a LOT of in home events it’s always nice when you can help another get her business started!


If you’re in direct sales why don’t you pair up with another company that offers a complimentary product? Lula and Paparazzi are best friends. Makeup and Paparazzi go well together. Weight loss and Paparazzi pair well. What product do you have that would go well with another product?

Teaming up is a great way to host a party and get people who usually don’t come for your product to come and see what you’re all about! It’s even better if they like the other product 😉 So give it a try! Reach out to a local consultant and work together to plan the party, advertise it, and then have a great time!


Time to get planning!