Let’s go to the DR!



Come join me on the white sandy beaches of the Dominican Republican!

And we can go together FOR FREE!!!

How fabulous would it be to go on a free vacation? One where everything is included?!

It’s completely possible with one twist!

(you knew it was coming right??? there’s always a twist)

The Paparazzi twist is a GOOD ONE. We are not an all or nothing kinda group. It’s not one of those trips that you’ve gotta earn all of the points in order to go. We have a percentages system. You can earn part of your trip! 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%. You earn what you earn and then you just pay the remainder!

It’s so easy! You can get a free or discounted ticket to the beautiful Dominican! Say what?!


You start earning from the very minute you sign up! (So do it now!)

Let’s go!!