Learn from Chick Fil A

We make a lot of jokes about Chic Fil A 😂
And we love their food ❤️

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But there customer service is unmatched!

What else can we as business women learn from CFA?

  1. Make it a pleasure to serve others
  2. Stand for what you believe even if no one else likes it
  3. Be true to your values and your success will come
  4. Love and train your people well and they will perform well
  5. Pay people better
  6. Set high standards and people will rise meet them. And those who don’t, won’t stay
  7. Working according to God’s ways, not man’s ALWAYS wins out. Even if no one else agrees.
  8. Do more than is required of you.
  9. Ask for help when you need it
  10. Surround yourself with a large group of people who build you up and make you better simply because they hold themselves to a higher standard.


I love the Chick Fil A business model and admire the strength of their CEOs for always doing what it right, even when faced with opposition!