July Jewelry Giveaway!


Paparazzi has pulled out ALL the stops this month and has sweetened our already Ah-MAZING deal even more!

For July ONLY they are giving away exclusive packs of jewelry with every 50 piece order!
That means consultants who are already enrolled get a pack of jewelry per every 50 piece order! That’s free money!
That’s $50 worth of FREE JEWELRY!
Keep it, sell it, give it away! It’s free and it’s yours!!! You’ll love it!!

Plus, you’ll get HOSTESS REWARDS! One free piece for every 10 your order, so 5 on a 50 piece order!

Y’all, that $75 dollars of FREE MONEY!!!!! Shut the front door!

If you’re on my team get that order in now because I can’t wait to see what those free pieces look like!!!!! EEEEEEKKK! Go girl! Get that order in and get that FREE MONEY!


Now, for those who need to sign up and join this amazing company- the deal is even better for you!!

First our $299 Kit!

Our $299 kit gets TWO ten packs- so 20 pieces- of FREE jewelry! Are you seeing that?! 20 pieces and they will come automatically.

PLUS the $299 kit has hostess rewards too, 12 of them.

20 free exclusive pieces

+12 hostess rewards


32 Free pieces

x $5





Let’s talk about our $499 kit!


Our $499 kit gets FOUR ten packs- so 40 pieces- of FREE jewelry! Are you seeing that?! 40 pieces and they will come automatically in the box!

PLUS the $499 kit has hostess rewards too, 20 of them.

40 exclusive free pieces

+ 20 hostess rewards


60 Free pieces

x $5







Yall. Who. Wow. Dude.

I don’t even have the words to say but wow! I wish I could sign up again and get these great amazing rewards! Whoa!


Just go ahead, right now and sign up! You won’t regret it, I mean you’ll get almost the entire value of your kit in FREE Jewelry the very minute you sign up!

Oh I’m so so so excited by this!

Just go girl, just sign up today! 


Want more information before taking the leap? Leave me your information below and I’ll send you a information packet and a free piece of jewelry just for spending your time learning about this awesome business!

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