It’s a Trap!

It’s a Trap!


One that of us falls right into.
Our society prizes being busy, in a HUGE way. We even sometimes wear it like a badge of honor, and we for sure use it to get out of stuff 😉
“I can’t, I’m too busy.”

Let’s talk about it.
Because busy is killing us. Our joy, our fun, our marriages, our relationships, and 100% our businesses. We are neck-deep in busy work that’s not making us ANY money at all and calling it a business. And hating it because it’s taking precious time and giving us nothing in return.

Be honest with yourself- you’re just busy, not productive.
Here’s the difference:
Busy- reorganizing the same product you did yesterday because it’s “just not right”
Productive- doing a live video to show off and sell that product telling people why it’s amazing and how it will change their life.

Busy- scrolling Facebook hoping to find an event you can go set up and sell.
Productive- calling the Chamber of Commerce, a friend with a restaurant, your hair salon and asking them if you can come set up and sell.

Busy- filling paperwork that’s already been sitting in that stack for a month.
Productive- calling a teammate and encouraging them that they can finish out the month with a new rank.

Often the busy is the easy stuff, the comfort zone stuff. The productive is hard, uncomfortable, and leaves us vulnerable to the oh-so-scary no.  The busy isn’t making you money. The productive is.

Which will you choose?

Here’s my test for busy vs productive: 1) will this activity make me money directly (not in a round about way, no, money right now) 2) does this feel uncomfortable to do?
If I answer yes to both then my course of action is clear- do the thing and be productive.

Don’t let busy work steal so many great things from you! You’re meant to have a great life and thriving business, and you get that by being productive!
You got this!

Much love,